2016 Photos

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Trades Rally 2016

On Wednesday, November 30 2016, members of Skilled Trades from all over Ontario came together at the lawn of Queen’s Park to let our voice be heard. The proposed amendments in Schedule 17 will allow unskilled workers to do the compulsory trades and will not be required to have a Certificate of Qualification! We cannot let this happen, and together, we will rally!”

Labour Day Parade 2016

Skills Canada, Moncton 2016

Golf Tournament, 2016

Members gathered for the Annual Golf Tournament, which was held at Bradford Highlands Golf Club, on June 10, 2016.

The weather was definitely better than the last year, so everyone got to enjoy the hot weather while golfing.

UA 853 would like to thank all the sponsors and everyone who came out.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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Ottawa Ball Tournament – B Division Champs

Skills Canada Competition in Saskatoon

It’s Day one of the Skills Canada Competition in Saskatoon! This is the first year for sprinkler trade presentation at this event, with UA apprentices from Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Good luck to the competitors!

Skills Ontario event in Waterloo on May 4th/5th

Local 853 apprentices Brandon Wright and Brodie Wallace guide some of the students through the work of a sprinkler fitter at the UA booth during the Skills Ontario event in Waterloo on May 4th/5th.