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Young among first women to enter sprinkler trade

Young is the first woman to complete the apprenticeship training and pass the Certificate of Qualification exam for Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer in Ontario.
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Dear Members,

As of February 2nd, 2017 you must be a member in the apprentice, journeyperson or journeyperson candidate class (This membership is required to be renewed annually).

Contact the Ontario College of Trades regarding details, applications and information on how to apply (www.collegeoftrades.ca).

Ontario Legislature Contact

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may be aware the Ontario Government has introduced Ominus Bill 70. Section 17 of this bill deals with the Ontario College of Trades and we believe these changes will negatively affect the Compulsory Trades in Ontario, including sprinkler fitters.

We believe this bill will weaken the enforcement aspects of the College by proposing to only enforce the scope of practice of a trade when it may cause “risk of harm”. As well we are opposed to the provisions in the bill that will have appeals heard by the Ontario Labour Relations Board instead of in court and the provisions that will allow the O.L.R.B. to look at “other matters” in addition to the “scope of practice”.

Please find attached a list of all Members of Provincial Parliament and their contact information. This bill is being rammed through as fast as possible this week.

Please contact your local M.P.P. and tell them to withdraw Section 17 of Bill 70 immediately and to stop the attack of skilled trades.

Your Business Manager
Greg Mitchell
U.A. Local 853

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Instructor Training Program

Local 853 instructors attend the 2016 UA Instructor Training Program in Ann Arbor Michigan.

2015 UA International Apprentice Competition

Congratulations to all of the competitors at the UA International Apprentice
Competition in Ann Arbor this year. This year’s Sprinkler winner was Local
669 apprentice Matthew Fox. Here are some pictures of Local 853 apprentice
Lyle Beliveau who represented Canada (District 6).

IMG_1457 IMG_1455 IMG_1453 IMG_1448 IMG_1447

Five piping apprentices to represent Canada at international competition

UA Local 853 wishes Lyle Beliveau, our Apprentice/Canadian Sprinkler Competition Winner the best of luck at the UA International Apprentice Contest in Ann Arbor next week!

Five piping apprentices to represent Canada at international competition – Daily Commercial News

Bill 6

Going forward, all government jobs will have accountability to employ apprentices and support retention to ensure completion of their apprenticeship.

Bill 6, which was recently passed by the province, also sets out stipulations to ensure opportunities for women, Aboriginals, out of province workers, at risk youth, veterans and residents of the community.


Bill C-377

Bill C-377 endangers our ability to build projects across the country and create jobs, and is intended to fix a problem that does not exist.

Instead, it actually duplicates processes that are already in place to provide accountability and transparency for our workers and would create an expanded, expensive and redundant bureaucracy. Our costs of compliance will be extraordinary and beyond that required of any other tax entity.

The Bill is back before the Senate and we need to send a message to Senators right now asking them to defeat this badly flawed piece of legislation.

Visit www.workersbuildcanada.ca and help us send our message to vote NO for Bill C-377.

Apprentice Survey

In an effort to make our training programs, as well as our union, more relevant to the new generation of apprentices, we have developed a short survey that we want to share with you. As you review the survey questions, it is important to understand that our goal is to gather anonymous information from apprentices which will enable us to improve our program and make the UA stronger.

I believe apprenticeship must include more than just the acquisition of the skills needed to do the job. We also need to capture the hearts and minds of these apprentices, as they will be the individuals we call on in the future to keep our union secure. It is important to all of us that our next generation of members feel connected to their local union as well as to our international. The results of this survey will help us to achieve that goal.

We respectfully ask that you please provide the link below to your apprentices and ask them to take this short anonymous survey. We are happy to share the results of this survey with you when it is completed.


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